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when midas is king.

and he holds me so tight and turns me to gold in the sunlight.

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Name:eva ushiromiya ♦ 右代宮 絵羽

So, now that I know of magic, I'll look at the human called Ushiromiya Eva again. What I could see through to was a sad human form, who had lost her family and who bore deep wounds in her heart. Unable to withstand the pain of that torn heart, she was doing nothing more than howl with a sad voice, like a lion crying in pain... like a child.

She needed someone to understand the difficulties and pain of her childhood days, and even she who was the only survivor of the Rokkenjima crime, who was faced with the curiosity of all of society, who was publicly slandered and forced to have salt continually flung into the wound, had needed someone's compassion. Not only did she have no one who would understand the pain of losing her husband and son at once, but her only relative had insulted her, saying 'give me back my Dad and Mom'. In the following days, the talk shows and magazines publicly slandered her. The truth of her husband's business and character, and even her beloved son were negated.

She no longer had anything left. She could do nothing but cry and howl, trying to forget the pain and sadness at least for a while. Because she could only feel a tiny bit of release, and only during the time that she howled.

And so, ... the black witch taught her how to howl.

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